• One month after Moon Shadow’s birthday, it wat the evening and Serena was going home after she promoted her last book.
    Her children were at home.
    Onyx was gone hunting.

    -Hey well, I see that Onyx lead the good life. Made a mocking male voice behind her.

    Surprised, she turned back and saw a green vampberry and everything went black. He had used his hypnotic power to make her lose consciousness.

    In the house, Thunder watched the scene of his mother’s kidnapping through a window.

    His father had already spoken to him about a villain berry who was green.

    Understanding that it was probably him, he immediately called his father.
    -Dad ! Come quick ! I just saw mom being kidnapped by a green berry ! I believe it’s the one you’ve talked me about !
    -What ! I’ll be right there my son. Don’t leave the house and stay quietly with your sister.
    -Yes daddy. Replied the kid who hung up.

    -Damn ! It can only be that scum of Durian ! It’s time I settle his account ! I won’t have my wife like he had my sister ! Thought Onyx whereas he was going at full speed at home.

    After checking that everything was okay at home, he called Cobalt and Grenat, because he knew that Durian was never alone, always with Indigo and Orgeat.

    -I hope they’ll save mom. Thought Thunder Night.

    Using their powers to track down the traces of energy of the vampberry, they arrived at a house.

    When he went with his friends, he knew he was right : Durian was indeed with Indigo and Orgeat. In a corner of the room was laying Serena.

    -Serena ! Screamed Onyx by going to her.
    But Durian intervened.

    -What have you done to her, bastard ! Growled Onyx.

    -What I’ve done ? I’ve made her lose consciousness to bring her here, and I delighted in her blog. He’s as delicious as your sister’s. And I knew it’ll make you come here.
    Me and my friends had a hard time to find you, your magical protection was effective : we found you only recently. It was the occasion for me to remind you that we never refuse to sumbit to me. If you join me and make sure that your witch friend give us the potion  who allow to go out in daytime, I’ll spare your wife and your kids.
    Even if she don’t have for long, given the amount of blood I took her. He added, looking satisfied.

    Seeing Onyx’s expression, a mixture of anger and surprise, he added, still smiling :
    -Ah, you thought that I’ll never discover that you could walk in the broad daylight thanks to Grenat’s potions ?

    -Bastard ! This time, I’m going to kill you ! Roared the black vampberry rushing on his opponent who sent him flying to the other end of the room.

    -Indigo, Orgeat, take care of the witch and the vampberry ! Ordered the green vampberry.
    -Yes Durian. They answered.

    Orgeat rushed in front of Grenat who dodged her and settled her account with a powerful fire spell who reduced the yellow vampberry to ashes.

    Indigo confronted Cobalt. The blue vampberry was much stronger and had no trouble to eliminate his opponent by tearing his heart he crushed between his fingers. Grenat also reduced the corpse to ashes to make sure he never recover.

    They looked at how their dark skinned friend whas doing.

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  • Onyx had more difficulty facing Durian.

    He got up and tried to give him a good punch but the green vampberry dealt him a strike who sent him against the wall and he collapsed on his knee, anger rising more in him.

    -Ha ha ha ! You don’t know how to fight Onyx ? I believed you wanted to take revenge, no ? Mocked the green vampberry.

    -I should help him. Durian won’t be able to do anything against me and Onyx united. Said Cobalt.
    -It’s true. But it’s Onyx’s fight, he have a promise he vowed to keep. And he probably wouldn’t like that we intervene. Answered Grenat.
    -You’re right. But I don’t like that, Durian is clearly more strong. Answered her husband, worried.
    -I know, but I trust Onyx. He can do it. We’ll help him if really he cannot get by facing Durian. Answered the red berry.

    -That’s not true ! I will never be able to settle his account at that guy ! My shots does nothing to him ! Growled the black vampberry.

    He then felt a hand on his shoulder. The transparent silhouette was familiar.

    -Onyx, my brother, you can defeat him, he have the same weaknesses as any other vampberry, even if he’s strong. Remember the promise you’ve made to my, my brother ! Avenge me and make him pay for what he’ve done to your wife !
    It was on those vengeful words that Abyss’ghost, who turned red as the anger that was in it, vanished.

    -You’re right little sister… I’ve vowed to avenge you, and I’ll make him pay for what he did to Serena.

    When he stood up, his eyes had turned to red, his sister’s anger was transmitted to him.

    Using his max spped, he was so fast that he took Durian by surprise when he plunged his hand the chest of his enemy to tear the heart he crushed in his hand.

    Grenat burned imediately the lifeless body of the green vampberry whereas Onyx headed toward his wife, his eyes black again.

    His friends approached him while he was kneeling, his wife in his arms.
    -I don’t see her aura. She’s still alive, but not for long. I think you know what to do to save her. Declared Grenat.
    -Yes… Answered the young man.

    Serena then woke up.
    -Onyx ? What… happened ? She asked with a weak voice.
    -My love… I’ve killed Durian, the vampberry who attacked you. Answered her husband. But you will die soon. The only way for me to save you is to turn you…
    -I see… So… Do it. I don’t want… To abandon you and the children…
    -Ok, but I warn you, it will be painful…

    And he planted his fang into the troat of Serena to transform her.

    As he said, the pain of the transformation was terrible.

    Once the metamorphosis was done, she stood up and hugged her husband.
    -Thanks my darling for saving me. Thank you too, Grenat and Cobalt.

    -It’s normal, you’re a dear friend, we couldn’t leave you so. Answered the blue vampberry.
    -It’s nothing. But you won’t regret having become like me ?
    -No, I won’t regret, I’ve already thought about it, and I knew that I didn’t want to leave you. Neither you nor our children.
    -I’ll give you later the potion. The time to pick it up at home. And your daughter will be entitled to it too when she’ll be an adult. Say the red berry.
    -Thanks my friend. Answered the white vampberry.
    -Ah, Onyx. I’ve something to tell you. Say Grenat.
    -I’m listening. Answered the interested.

    The witch whispered something in his ear.

    -Okay, let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll join you. He said when she had finished.
    -Very well.

    Grenat and Cobalt thus went to home, and Onyx and Serena did the same after dispersing the ashes to the wind.

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  • They explained partly what happened to Thunder Night who was suprised to see his mother come back home transformed into a vampberry.

    A few hours later, Grenat came back with the potion which Serena drank and announced to Onyx that she and her husband were going to leave in Dragon Valley in two days, time for them to prepare.
    The young man approved and his friend left after agreeing on a meeting point before the departure of the hometown of the vampberry.

    He talked about it with his wife who approved his project and was happy for him.

    A few days later, Onyx, Cobalt and Grenat were in Dragon Valley.
    It was the night and were in an area where had been moved some of the graves of the old cemetery.
    Abyss’grave was there.

    -I warn you, no matter whatever you see, don’t panic, understood ? Started Grenat.
    -Yes. Answered in chorus the vampberrys.
    -Well, then let’s go… She said.

    She launched her spell of resurrection.
    -Come back among us, you whom the thread of life has been sliced. Come back among us, Abyss Shenar !

    Abyss came back to life, but under a zombie form, reason for what Grenat have said to the mens to not panic.

    That problem was quicly fixed thanks to another spell who brough back the teenager among the livings for good.

    -My goodness, I’m alive ?! You managed to bring me back ! Thanks to you ! thanked the young girl.
    -You’re welcome my dear. Answered the witch.
    -Welcome among the livings. Said Cobalt.
    -Thanks. She said again.

    Then she rushed in her brother’s arms, tears in her eyes.
    -Onyx, you managed to keep your promise, I’m so happy !
    -Yes, I did. I missed you so much, little sister. He answered, red tears flowing on the cheeks.

    -Thanks for everything, Grenat and Cobalt. He added.
    -No problem. It’s normal. Answered the interested.

    A few days later, Onyx and Abyss were back in Sugar Valley, Grenat and Cobalt stayed in Dragon Valley a few more days.

    The teen got aquainted with Serena, Thunder Night and Moon Shadow who were delighted to have a haunt with whom to play.

    It took the young girl some time to get adjusted to her new life, and after one year of online courses to get on the level, she could go to high school like any young of her age.
    She was really happy to live normally again and always kept the secret of her resurrection.

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  • It was during that period when Abyss was getting used to her new life that Serena was pregnant of her third and last child.
    Now a vampberry like her husband, it was easier for the couple to have a child.

    Onyx was still happy at the idea of being father.

    The baby was a boy called Storm.

    He was naturally a vampberry which quickly became a toddler.

    Storm then learned how to walk, talk and go to potty like his brother and his sister before him.

    His parents also read him stories and played with him.

    Moon Shadow also became a child whereas Thunder Night became a teen.

    The young boy received for his birthday a guitar with which he spent a lot of time.

    Moon, she, liked a lot cooking, so she got as a gift a oven for child she used to train to cook.

    They also spent a lot of time to play with their little brother they loved a lot.

    Abyss also loved a lot her nephew and became a young adult.

    With time, she encountered a young man who became her boyfriend : Pumpkin Odrel.
    The young man was a bit nervous at the idea to meet his girlfriend’s family, seeing it was mainly composed of vampberrys.

    But everything went fine and Onyx had no objection to that relationship : he could see the young man’s mind and had seen no malice, he was honest.

    Later, Storm was now a child, Thunder a young adult and Moon a teen.

    Storm liked to play with Coton, the family’s cat.

    Things where very serious between Abyss and Pumpkin : the young orange berry thus proposed to his girlfriend to marry him.

    She gladly accepted.

    The family, happy, prepared the wedding in the garden.
    Cobalt and Grenat were also of the party, but not the parents of Pumpkin who had not appreciated that he marries a woman whose most of the members of the family were vampberrys.

    The young berry lived thus a while with the Chamart, the time for him and his wife to find a house at their convenience.
    The newlyweds found a month after the ceremony a house that suited them and they moved in.

    Life followed its court peacefully : Storm became a teen and Moon Shadow a young adult.
    Grenat gave her the potion as promised.

    Abyss and Pumpkin visited the family as often as possible just like Onyx and his family visited them.

    And the teen became a young adult in his turn.
    He too was entitled to the potion to go out in broad daylight.

    It was around a delicious home-made burger that the family discussed, and the conversation turned on the future and the projects of the children who where now adults ready to live their own lifes.

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