• G1 - Chapter 14

    It was during that period when Abyss was getting used to her new life that Serena was pregnant of her third and last child.
    Now a vampberry like her husband, it was easier for the couple to have a child.

    Onyx was still happy at the idea of being father.

    The baby was a boy called Storm.

    He was naturally a vampberry which quickly became a toddler.

    Storm then learned how to walk, talk and go to potty like his brother and his sister before him.

    His parents also read him stories and played with him.

    Moon Shadow also became a child whereas Thunder Night became a teen.

    The young boy received for his birthday a guitar with which he spent a lot of time.

    Moon, she, liked a lot cooking, so she got as a gift a oven for child she used to train to cook.

    They also spent a lot of time to play with their little brother they loved a lot.

    Abyss also loved a lot her nephew and became a young adult.

    With time, she encountered a young man who became her boyfriend : Pumpkin Odrel.
    The young man was a bit nervous at the idea to meet his girlfriend’s family, seeing it was mainly composed of vampberrys.

    But everything went fine and Onyx had no objection to that relationship : he could see the young man’s mind and had seen no malice, he was honest.

    Later, Storm was now a child, Thunder a young adult and Moon a teen.

    Storm liked to play with Coton, the family’s cat.

    Things where very serious between Abyss and Pumpkin : the young orange berry thus proposed to his girlfriend to marry him.

    She gladly accepted.

    The family, happy, prepared the wedding in the garden.
    Cobalt and Grenat were also of the party, but not the parents of Pumpkin who had not appreciated that he marries a woman whose most of the members of the family were vampberrys.

    The young berry lived thus a while with the Chamart, the time for him and his wife to find a house at their convenience.
    The newlyweds found a month after the ceremony a house that suited them and they moved in.

    Life followed its court peacefully : Storm became a teen and Moon Shadow a young adult.
    Grenat gave her the potion as promised.

    Abyss and Pumpkin visited the family as often as possible just like Onyx and his family visited them.

    And the teen became a young adult in his turn.
    He too was entitled to the potion to go out in broad daylight.

    It was around a delicious home-made burger that the family discussed, and the conversation turned on the future and the projects of the children who where now adults ready to live their own lifes.

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