• G1 - Chapter 13

    They explained partly what happened to Thunder Night who was suprised to see his mother come back home transformed into a vampberry.

    A few hours later, Grenat came back with the potion which Serena drank and announced to Onyx that she and her husband were going to leave in Dragon Valley in two days, time for them to prepare.
    The young man approved and his friend left after agreeing on a meeting point before the departure of the hometown of the vampberry.

    He talked about it with his wife who approved his project and was happy for him.

    A few days later, Onyx, Cobalt and Grenat were in Dragon Valley.
    It was the night and were in an area where had been moved some of the graves of the old cemetery.
    Abyss’grave was there.

    -I warn you, no matter whatever you see, don’t panic, understood ? Started Grenat.
    -Yes. Answered in chorus the vampberrys.
    -Well, then let’s go… She said.

    She launched her spell of resurrection.
    -Come back among us, you whom the thread of life has been sliced. Come back among us, Abyss Shenar !

    Abyss came back to life, but under a zombie form, reason for what Grenat have said to the mens to not panic.

    That problem was quicly fixed thanks to another spell who brough back the teenager among the livings for good.

    -My goodness, I’m alive ?! You managed to bring me back ! Thanks to you ! thanked the young girl.
    -You’re welcome my dear. Answered the witch.
    -Welcome among the livings. Said Cobalt.
    -Thanks. She said again.

    Then she rushed in her brother’s arms, tears in her eyes.
    -Onyx, you managed to keep your promise, I’m so happy !
    -Yes, I did. I missed you so much, little sister. He answered, red tears flowing on the cheeks.

    -Thanks for everything, Grenat and Cobalt. He added.
    -No problem. It’s normal. Answered the interested.

    A few days later, Onyx and Abyss were back in Sugar Valley, Grenat and Cobalt stayed in Dragon Valley a few more days.

    The teen got aquainted with Serena, Thunder Night and Moon Shadow who were delighted to have a haunt with whom to play.

    It took the young girl some time to get adjusted to her new life, and after one year of online courses to get on the level, she could go to high school like any young of her age.
    She was really happy to live normally again and always kept the secret of her resurrection.

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