• The next day, Onyx woke up, still a bit groggy from what happened to him the day before.
    -Wh… Where am I ? He wondered, looking trough the room where he was.
    It was a simple room, in red and blue tones.
    Noticing the door, he got up and left the room.

    He crossed a corridor and so found itself in the living room, where were Cobalt and Grenat, discussing.
    Noticing his presence, they got up to greet him.

    -Hello, I’m Cobalt, and here’s my wife, Grenat.
    -Nice to meet you. Made the young woman.
    -Me, it’s Onyx, presented itself the young black berry. But what I’m doing here ? The last thing I remember, it’s that I toward the forest and that I was attacked.
    -It’s me who found you in the forest, and what attacked you, it’s a vampberry. Grenat was able to heal you, but…
    -But you will also become a vampberry, maybe even a ghoul… Pursued the witch.
    What ?! Exclaimed Onyx, under the shock of the news.
    -I’m sorry, but you will have to stay here until your complete transformation, because until you’re not metamorphosed, we won’t know if you’ll be a wampberry or a ghoul thirsting for blood.
    -Why ? What’s the difference between a ghoul and a vampberry ? And I have to join my sister, she must be worried !
    -A vampberry is a creature like me, able to control his thirst up to a certain point. When a ghoul, it’s a failed vampberry, a creature unable to control his bloodthirstiness, even if she can reason Explained Cobalt.
    -And the ghouls, we can only kill them so that they don’t make victims : they’re capable of ravaging whole villages and you wouldn’t like to attack your sister, isn’t it ? Continued Grenat.

    -It’s not true… You annouce me like that, tranquily, that I’m going to be transformed into a blood drinker, and that if I have the misforturne to become a ghoul, you’re going to kill me ? But you’re crazy ! What would persuade me in what you tell me ?! Rebelled the young man, who felt the panic rising in him.
    -My boy, you saw well my appareance ? I’m not human even if I look like it. Humans don’t have eyes who gleam and fangs instead of canine.
    Whereas he spoke, Onyx indeed noticed the fangs and glittering eyes of the vampberry. I had not paid it attention, because of the explanation that those unknowns had given him and who had monopolized his attention.
    -But you, nevertheless, you look human, no ? He said in addressing Grenat, noticing that she had neither fangs nor eyes twinkling like little stars.

    -Yes, contrary to my husband, I look totally human, but I’m a witch. And that’s not better in the eyes of the humans beings… She asserted and materializing an apple to prove her statement.

    Onyx collapsed on his knees.
    -Then, I’m really going to become a monster, and you will have to kill me to refrain me from hurting peoples… He moans.

    Grenat then felt the powerful desire to live on the young person and its sadness at the idea of what happened to him and saw something else that she had not noticed at the moment. She felt pity to him.

    -No, you won’t become a monster. Un monster, it’s someone who use its capacity for evil, and you, I feel that it’s not the case. c’est quelqu’un qui utilise ses capacités pour le mal, et toi, je sens que ce ne seras pas le cas. My instinct never deceive me : you will not transform into a ghoul. She tell him, putting a hand on the shoulder.
    -And what make you say that ?
    -Only bad peoples become monsters, and you, you won’t be one, I feel that you’re someone good. The color of your aura showed it to me.
    -My aura ? Made the young man, surprised.
    -Yes, some witches can see the aura of peoples, and I’m a member of it. We can see if a person is bad or not by seeing its aura. I was not able to see yours earlier because when somebody is dying, she disappears. But I have just seen it, and you, you’re not bad.

    -Really ? Then that reassure me. Answered Onyx, feeling better after having heard the words of the witch.
    -So much better if my words comforted you. Approved the red berry.

    -I’m sorry that we were so abrupt by announcing you such a news, Onyx. Grenat and me are older than we look like and don’t often involve us to the human beings. Thus, we sometime neglect certain things. Declared Cobalt.

    -And despite what I told you, you’ll have to stay with us to be sure that when you will be transformed, it will not be in ghoul, we never can tell. That will set only for a day or two. Because you had not enough blood to be transformed immediately. Added Grenat.
    -Okay, I hope everything will be fine for my sister, and that she won’t be too worried.
    -Very well. You’ll see, two day, that passes really fast. Told him the witch.
    -Once the transformation is made, you can join your sister, but you will have to come here the evening, at least a few days. I have to teach you the rudiments of a vampberry’s life. Said the blue vampberry.
    -And me, I’ll give you a potion who will allow you to go out in broad daylight. You can so live a normal life.
    -Well. Thanks for your help and to have saved me, Grenat and Cobalt.
    -You’re welcome. Answered the concerned parties.

    He then felt something rubbing itself against his leg, when he lowered his eyes to see what it was, he saw a red and blue cat.
    -Hello you. Made the young men, cuddling the feline who purred of satisfaction.
    -Her name’s Kora. She’s my familiar. The witch told him.
    -Ah, okay. That name suit her well. Answered Onyx.

    And the two days passed indeed really fast.

    Cobalt and Grenat spoke to him about Durian and his band, telling that he probably was the one responsible of his aggression, when he made them the description of what he remembered himself.

    Onyx was in the guest room when he was transformed, his new supernatural friend beside him.

    The transformation was painful. He writhed in pain by roaring, his body changing to adapt to what he became : a vampberry.

    They were relieved to see that he had become a true vampberry, like Cobalt, and not a ghoul.
    -Ah, my instinct didn’t deceive me when I saw your heart, my friend. Declared the witch who helped him to get up, delighted. The potion is ready, drink and you can go out in daylight, like any human.
    -Thanks, Grenat.

    He drank the potion she prepared for him, but felt no effect.
    -It’s normal that I feel nothing ? No change ?

    -Yes, absolutely normal. Assured the blue berry. We don’t necessarily fell an itch or other by drinking a potion.
    -Ah, okay. Well, I’m going back home, now…
    -Good, but don’t forget to come here tonight and the others nights of this week. I will help you to adjust to your new vampberry life and will teach you things so that you won’t be set by humans. Remembered him the blue vampberry.
    -Yes, I won’t forget.

    -And avoid Durian and his friends, they’re very dangerous.
    -Okay. And thanks for everything, my friends.
    -You’re welcome. They answered him.

    And he went away to return to his home and find his sister.

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  • Abyss was really happy to see her brother back and him to retrieve his sister. He also gave her the plants that he’ve harvested a few days ago.

    The young girl was satisfied, but she couldn’t help to question him about his long absence because she was worryied to not see him come back.

    He explained her that he was injured and had been taken in by generous peoples who healed him.
    She noticed that he’s look had changed.

    -Onyx, aren’t you hiding me something ? She asked, suspicious.

    -No, not at all. What make you say that ? Lied the young vampberry.

    -Well, I’ve noticed that your look is different and that your eyes have a glow that they didn’t have before. And I have the impression that your canines are longer… Enumerated the teenager.
    Abyss was always a good observer…

    Onyx sighed and hesitated a moment, thinking if it was better to tell the truth at his sister, or hide it so that she’s not afraid of what he became.
    He choose to be honest and tell her the truth, he said to himself that it was better that she know it and she was not a child anymore, after all.

    When he had finished, she said :
    -Hey well… I understand why you’ve hesitated to tell me the truth… But you know, for me, you will always be my brother, that you are a vampberry or not.
    -I’m relieved, I thought you’ll take badly what I’ve became, seen that vampberrys are considered like monsters.
    -It’s true. But I know that you will never be a monster, and that Cobalt don’t seem to be one too. Like that woman, Grenat.
    -You’re right. Maybe I will present you to them if they agree.
    -Great ! Anwsered the young berry, happy.

    They spent the day to their usual activities, then the evening spread its dark coat on Dragon Valley, and Onyx went to join Cobalt and Grenat.

    He told them that he have told to his sister what have happened to him.
    -Hum… You’ve made the good choice. I would have made the same thing. Approved Cobalt.

    -Same for me. Assured Grenat.
    -Phew. I thought you were going to blame me for doing such a thing.
    -Why ? You’ve said it to one person whom you really trust. But you will have to tell your secret to nobody else. Warned him the blue vampberry.
    -Yes, of course. Assured the young black berry.
    -You can present her to us in two weeks if you want. Proposed the red witch.

    Then Cobalt took him with him to teach him what he had to know as a vampberry and also to quench their thirst which began to torment them.

    The next day, he announced at his sister that he present her Grenat and Cobalt in two weeks and she was satisfied.

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  • It was the evening, one week had not passed since Onyx’s transformation.
    He was back from hunting with Cobalt and was about to go home, perceiving his sister outside, when he felt a hostile presence.
    -Show yourself ! He growled.

    A berry with dark green skin showed himself then. He was a rather handsome man, but his face was marked by veins around his greaming eyes.
    At his sides were a man with a purple skin, like just like the rest of his appearance, he too had his face marked by thoses veins around his brilliant eyes; and by a woman with a yellow skin. She too had veins around her twinkling eyes.

    -Vampberries… Recognized immediately the young black vampberry. Who are you, and what are you doing near my home ? He said, annoyed.

    -I’m Durian. Present himself the green vampberry. I’m surprised to see that you’ve survived my attack and that you are transformed. Since I’ve discovered that you survived, I wished to meet you and present myself. Here’s my friends, him, it’s Indigo, and her, it’s Orgeat.

    -So it’s you who’s responsible of my state ! Cobalt and Grenat weren’t wrong ! Fulminated Onyx who was about to attack them.
    But he was stopped by this sentence of his enemy :
    -It’s your little sister that I saw, right ? She look charming. He says, a bad grin on his lips. Indigo and Orgeat also had a bad smile. And yeah, I’m responsible of your state. I hope you do not hold it against me ? He added, derisive.
    -No hold it against you ? I find myself condemned to live a life which I’ve never wanted ! How I could not blame you ! He replied, the contained fury showing trough his voice. And let my sister out of it, it’s between you and me !

    -Tsss… You’re still too young and inexperienced as a vampberry to hope defeat me, kid. Made Durian, who seemed disappointed by the response of his victim. I’m already more than one hundred years old. And if you want that we leave your sister alone, join my group. Indigo and Orgeat are like you, it’s me who transformed them.

    -We have fun with Durian, you’ll see. Insured Indigo.

    -Join us, you won’t regret it. Added Orgeat, trying to seduce him by her soft voice.

    -You can always dream for me to join your band ! I will never join somebody responsible for what I became ! Asserted the young man, the anger and hate in his voice.

    -Very well, but you’ll regret it, I guarantee. Assured the green vampberry, the expression still bad.

    And the trio left.

    Onyx, relieved by their departure, returned home and mad sure that his sister was not hurt. He was reassured when she assured him that everything was well.
    But he preferred to warn her about what just happened to him and they decided to leave in two days, the time to prepare and clean their belongings.

    The berry also decided to tell Cobalt and Grenat the next day because the night was really advanced and he didn’t want to disturb them so late.

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  • The next day, in the morning, Onyx joined Grenat and Cobalt to announce them what happened the day before.
    Abyss stayed at home to finish the preparations of the departure. He accepted because he knew that hime and Cobalt were the only vampberrys able to move the day thankfully to Grenat’s potion.
    Neverthless, in his head, a little voice he quickly silented told him that he would have had to bring her with him at his friends house so that it’s more safe…

    The blue vampberry and the witch received his story with concern.
    -You did well by refusing his offer. Assured Cobalt.

    -However, you can be sure that now, he will take revenge. He hate that we resist him. Added the red berry. He’s a vicious who will attack first what’s dear to you before going at you.
    -That’s why we’ll go tomorrow, at dawn. I’m at advantage, thanks to your potion, Grenat. Maybe we will go abroad. Made the black berry, refusing to be daunted by his friends worrying comments.
    -Well. But don’t say that we didn’t warn you if misfortune arrive at you. Sighed the witch.
    -Good. You going to make a long trip, and you’ll need strenght. Let’s go hunt. Proposed Cobalt.
    -Okay, let’s go.

    The hunt lasted all day, the prey being rarer in fall. And when they returned, it was getting dark…

    Abyss had just finished the preparations of the trip when she heard noise coming from the living room.

    She went to the room and saw a green berry, a yellow berry and a purple berry. Their faces were marked by visible veins around their eyes that shone with an eerie glow.
    She recognized that brightness that was the same as her brother, but also detected something bad in their look that wasn’t in Onyx’s.
    The young girl understood immediately that they were vampberrys, especially those which her brother told her about.
    Thinking at top speed, she said to herself that she could run away by the kitchen’s door which gave on the garden.
    And that’s what she tried to do, but the green berry moved so fast that she didn’t have to put her plan into action.

    -Hey well, you wanted to sneak away from us girl ? He whispered, a smirk on his lips.
    -What… Made Abyss, surprised and affraid.
    -A vampberry can read in human’s minds, and a could see that you wanted to escape through the kitchen. Unfortunaly, it all and here for you. I won’t make the same mistake with your brother when I thought I had killed him !
    The young berry uttered a shrill cry when Durian sank his fangs in her throat.

    Onyx, who was near his home, heard the cry of his sister and rushed to the house.
    -No ! Not that ! If I a arrive in time ! He thought, running at surnatural speed.

    Alas, it was too late, the only thing he saw when he arrived, was the lifeless body of his sister lying on the living room’s floor.

    The scream he uttered was such that he sounded in the whole village and everyone heard it, including Cobalt and Grenat who recognized his vice right away.
    They rushed at his home, using their supernatural abilities to join him as soon as possible.
    Passing the front door, they saw a sad : Onyx crying tears of blood, tilted over his sister’s corpse.
    -I should have listened to my instinct when I felt that I had to bring her to Cobalt and Grenat this morning ! He moans.
    -Onyx… Began Grenat, while approaching the young man.

    The black berry collapsed in the arms of his friend who had knelt down near him.
    Le berry noir s’effondra dans les bras de son amie qui s’était agenouillée près de lui.
    -Grenat, you’re a powerful witch isn’t it ? I beg you, bring her back. Cried the vampberry.
    -Oh, my poor friend, of course I could bring her back, solely, this monster of Durian, bit her, she will completely be submitted to him. And that until he’s killed or she die. Because he well never accept for free her from his influence. She answered, sadness in her voice.
    She only had Onyx’s tears for all answer.
    Cobat, motionless and arms crossed, said nothing, but he was touched by the sorrow of his young friend and was sad to see the lifeless body of the teenager.
    After a moment when only the sadness and despair of the black vampberry were heard, he says :
    -We have to bury her before the day rise. Or the humans will find us suspects…
    -Yes, you’re right Cobalt. Oynyx ?
    The young man stood up, the red tears still flowing on his cheeks.

    -Ok, we’ll do that. As for Durian and his friends, I would kill them as soon as I can. He declared, the sorrow having given way to the anger.
    -That’s good, it’s the spirit that you must have my friend. I know that make you suffer what you’ve just undergone and you’re going to have to make your mourning. But you do not have to let you down.
    Grenat and me will always be here to help you. Asserted the blue vampberry.
    -I think the same thing. Assured the red witch.
    -Thank you my friends. Aswered the youg man, sketching a smile.

    The trio gathered for a moment at Abyss’s grave one moment, and Cobalt and Grenat went away.
    Onyx also made some steps to leave, but he was stopped in his track when he felt in his back a light breeze.

    Turning around, he saw a white and transparent silhouette he would have recognized among one thousand.
    He approached his sister.

    -I came to say you farewell, my brother.

    -Abyss, I’m so sorry to not have been here when you needed me the most. I’ve failed to the promise I’ve made to our parents who wanted me to watch over you… Answered the young vampberry, tears flowing again down his cheeks.
    -It doesn’t matter, it’s not your fault, Onyx. The responsible of what happened to me is that green vampberry. Not you. Replied the girl, the resentment she felt toward Durian showing through her voice.
    -I swear to you, little sister, it will take however long it takes, but I’ll avenge you ! Promised her brother.

    -Okay. I’ll remind you your promise if needed. Answered the teen, smiling.
    -Very well.
    -Well, good bye, brother.
    -Farewell, little sister.

    They hugged each other for a moment, and the ghost vanished as silently as he had appeared.

    Onyx stood still an instant, the tracks of his bloody tears still on his cheeks. Then he joined his friends who waited him at the cimetery’s entry.

    He told them what just happened and they comforted him.

    And they left.

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  • After, I’ve traveled, sometime alone, sometime with Grenat and Cobalt. And now, I’m stronger, I think I’ve a chance if I see Durian, Indigo and Orgeat. Voila, You know everything… Completed Onyx.

    Serena was touched by her husband’story, and she hugged him.
    -My poor darling… I don’t know what to tell you, it’s really hideous what you lived because of that vampberry…

    -It’s true. But now, I have you, my love. And I also have Cobalt and Grenat, they’re really friends that we see rarely nowadays. They really helped me when I needed them.
    -You’re right, I’ve noticed it when you presented me to them. But you don’t know where are your three enemies ?
    -From what I know, they’re abroad for now.

    -Why won’t you go at their encounter now to take revenge ?
    -Because i twill be hard to find them, and if they expect to see me, they could set up a trap and I would risk to be caught. At one against three would be unbalanced… And I still don’t feel confident. I prefer to wait the right time…
    -You’re right, it’s better to wait to be ready.
    -It remind me, you had told me that you’ve lived in Bridgeport for a moment, no ?

    -Yes, I had tried the luck as an actress for two years, I didn’t like it, then I’ve moved her to be a writer. You know the rest.

    -Yes, and I love it. Asserted Onyx.
    -Me too my darling.

    And this long conversation ended with a kiss.

    A few months later, Serena achieved her novel she was working on for while and offered it to publishers.
    This first book went very well, and she was soon working on another story.

    Four years passed… It was the time it took for Onyx and Serena to have their first child.
    Grenat had not lied when saying they would have difficulty in starting a family.

    Coton had grow up and wasn’t a kitten anymore.

    The nine months passed both quickly and slowly. Onyx was already gaga about the future child.
    It was a son that was born. His parents called him Thunder Night.
    Like his mother, he was born human.

    The baby became a toddler and his parents taught him to go to potty, talk and walk.

    He loved the stories he’s father read to him and his mother’s tickles.

    It was at in period the couple had another child.

    Onyx was still gaga when his wife was expecting their second child.
    Serena gave birth to a little girl they called Moon Shadow.

    The little one, unlike Thunder, was born vampberry, and that’s seen especially from the moment she became a toddler.

    Her parents taught her to go to potty, to talk and walk.

    Like her brother at the time, she loved the stories and tickling.

    Thunder also grew up.

    He was a sweet child who had inherited from his mother a taste for painting, because in addition to be a writer, she occasionally painted canvas for fun.

    He also liked to play with his little sister.

    -I’m really happy, my darling.
    -Me too, my love.

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