• G1 - Chapter 8

    It was the evening, one week had not passed since Onyx’s transformation.
    He was back from hunting with Cobalt and was about to go home, perceiving his sister outside, when he felt a hostile presence.
    -Show yourself ! He growled.

    A berry with dark green skin showed himself then. He was a rather handsome man, but his face was marked by veins around his greaming eyes.
    At his sides were a man with a purple skin, like just like the rest of his appearance, he too had his face marked by thoses veins around his brilliant eyes; and by a woman with a yellow skin. She too had veins around her twinkling eyes.

    -Vampberries… Recognized immediately the young black vampberry. Who are you, and what are you doing near my home ? He said, annoyed.

    -I’m Durian. Present himself the green vampberry. I’m surprised to see that you’ve survived my attack and that you are transformed. Since I’ve discovered that you survived, I wished to meet you and present myself. Here’s my friends, him, it’s Indigo, and her, it’s Orgeat.

    -So it’s you who’s responsible of my state ! Cobalt and Grenat weren’t wrong ! Fulminated Onyx who was about to attack them.
    But he was stopped by this sentence of his enemy :
    -It’s your little sister that I saw, right ? She look charming. He says, a bad grin on his lips. Indigo and Orgeat also had a bad smile. And yeah, I’m responsible of your state. I hope you do not hold it against me ? He added, derisive.
    -No hold it against you ? I find myself condemned to live a life which I’ve never wanted ! How I could not blame you ! He replied, the contained fury showing trough his voice. And let my sister out of it, it’s between you and me !

    -Tsss… You’re still too young and inexperienced as a vampberry to hope defeat me, kid. Made Durian, who seemed disappointed by the response of his victim. I’m already more than one hundred years old. And if you want that we leave your sister alone, join my group. Indigo and Orgeat are like you, it’s me who transformed them.

    -We have fun with Durian, you’ll see. Insured Indigo.

    -Join us, you won’t regret it. Added Orgeat, trying to seduce him by her soft voice.

    -You can always dream for me to join your band ! I will never join somebody responsible for what I became ! Asserted the young man, the anger and hate in his voice.

    -Very well, but you’ll regret it, I guarantee. Assured the green vampberry, the expression still bad.

    And the trio left.

    Onyx, relieved by their departure, returned home and mad sure that his sister was not hurt. He was reassured when she assured him that everything was well.
    But he preferred to warn her about what just happened to him and they decided to leave in two days, the time to prepare and clean their belongings.

    The berry also decided to tell Cobalt and Grenat the next day because the night was really advanced and he didn’t want to disturb them so late.

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