• G1 - Chapter 7

    Abyss was really happy to see her brother back and him to retrieve his sister. He also gave her the plants that he’ve harvested a few days ago.

    The young girl was satisfied, but she couldn’t help to question him about his long absence because she was worryied to not see him come back.

    He explained her that he was injured and had been taken in by generous peoples who healed him.
    She noticed that he’s look had changed.

    -Onyx, aren’t you hiding me something ? She asked, suspicious.

    -No, not at all. What make you say that ? Lied the young vampberry.

    -Well, I’ve noticed that your look is different and that your eyes have a glow that they didn’t have before. And I have the impression that your canines are longer… Enumerated the teenager.
    Abyss was always a good observer…

    Onyx sighed and hesitated a moment, thinking if it was better to tell the truth at his sister, or hide it so that she’s not afraid of what he became.
    He choose to be honest and tell her the truth, he said to himself that it was better that she know it and she was not a child anymore, after all.

    When he had finished, she said :
    -Hey well… I understand why you’ve hesitated to tell me the truth… But you know, for me, you will always be my brother, that you are a vampberry or not.
    -I’m relieved, I thought you’ll take badly what I’ve became, seen that vampberrys are considered like monsters.
    -It’s true. But I know that you will never be a monster, and that Cobalt don’t seem to be one too. Like that woman, Grenat.
    -You’re right. Maybe I will present you to them if they agree.
    -Great ! Anwsered the young berry, happy.

    They spent the day to their usual activities, then the evening spread its dark coat on Dragon Valley, and Onyx went to join Cobalt and Grenat.

    He told them that he have told to his sister what have happened to him.
    -Hum… You’ve made the good choice. I would have made the same thing. Approved Cobalt.

    -Same for me. Assured Grenat.
    -Phew. I thought you were going to blame me for doing such a thing.
    -Why ? You’ve said it to one person whom you really trust. But you will have to tell your secret to nobody else. Warned him the blue vampberry.
    -Yes, of course. Assured the young black berry.
    -You can present her to us in two weeks if you want. Proposed the red witch.

    Then Cobalt took him with him to teach him what he had to know as a vampberry and also to quench their thirst which began to torment them.

    The next day, he announced at his sister that he present her Grenat and Cobalt in two weeks and she was satisfied.

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