• G1 - Chapter 5

    Some voices were heard from a modest house.

    -Voila, the meal is ready. Announced a teen with a skin dark as the night. Her eyes and hair had the same tint, as her clothes.

    -Thanks little sister. Answered a young man. Hum, delicious. You’re really talented for cooking, Abyss. He made, tasting the soup prepared by his sister.
    -Thanks Onyx. I’ve used the lasts vegetables from the garden. We’ll have some problems to eat : we’re in fall, and they’re almost no more plants that I could use for our meals and the harvests of this years also weren’t good from what I’ve heard at the market…
    -Don’t worry, with the various works that I’ve done, I was able to save enough so that we could hold a few months. We we’ll be able to buy what we need to eat even if there’s not too much at the market because of the bad harvests. And if needed, we’ll go to the next town to go shopping. Assured the young berry.
    -Ah, that’s fine then. Answered the young girl, reassured. It’s already been three years since the end of the war against the dragons in which our parents died, but things dont seem to get betters. She sighed.
    -Yes, it’s going to take time, but I’m sure that things will be back to normal.
    -I hope you’re right, my brother.
    -Yeah, let’s hope, little sister.
    And they continued their little discussion, while eating.

    The meal ended, the berry lef to the forest, see if he could find again the plants and spices for cooking, his sister having used what was left in the reserve and not having found what she wanted at the market.

    In fall, the plants for wich he looked began to become rare, the night had thus fallen when he had finished his thin harvest.

    On the way home, he was treacherously attacked by behind and emptied of his blood by a dark green skinned vampberry.
    The attack was so fast that he didn’t have time to react and wasn’t able to get rid of the iron vice that were the arms of the blood drinker.

    When the aggressor had finished with his victim, he let him onto the cold ground of the forest and disappeared as fast as he came.
    However, the young berry, in spite of the torpor which invaded him, and the eyelids which grew heavy, hung on to the life and tried to get up.

    But he was not able to fight for a long time against the cold which seized its body and he collapsed, the eyes closing.
    -Abyss… Was his last tought whereas he sank into the unconsciousness.

    An unknown, having too finished his harvest went that way.
    His skin, his eyes stangely glowy, as his hair and clothes were a dark blue.

    He approached the lifeless body and felt that Onyx was still alive, but that he didn’t have for long.
    -Maybe she could do something. While carrying the young man.
    So, he went home, a quite simple house with blue and red tones.

    A young berry who had a red skin, red eyes and hair was waiting for him. She was also wearing red clothes.
    -Cobalt ?! But what… She started, surprised to see what he carried in his arms the blue vampberry.
    -He was attacked by a vampberry and still alive. I tought you could save him with your power, Grenat. Ah, and I could find the night-plants that you wanted for your potions.
    -Ah, I see. Again Durian and his band. Sighed the young woman. They’re not the soles vampberrys of the region who attacks innocents peoples… You can take him in the guest bedroom, I’ll see what I can do. And thanks for the plants, my darling.
    -Okay. And it’s nothing, my love.

    He then put Onyx on the bed and Grenat could then examinate and heal him, whereas he went to tidy up the harvest.
    She then left the room and joined her companion in the living room.

    -Then ? He’s he going to take out there, my darling ? Asked Cobalt.
    -Yes, luckily, you brought him just in time. He had just enough blood to live until you brought him to me.
    -Ah, that’s good then.

    -Solely, according to what I saw in the nursing, he’s going to turn into a vampberry. If not something worse : a ghoul.
    -What ?! A spontaneous transformation ?! It’s impossible ! Answered the vampberry, surprised by that revelation.
    -No, it’s just rare. Normaly, a vampberry’s victim die if she’s emptied from her blood, but in some cases, she can turn into a vampberry. It just need one vampberry’s blood drop for these cases, when it usually need a lot more to transform someone
    -Yes, one drop of blood can’t transform someone into a blood drinker. Asserted Cobalt.
    - It’s true. However, she more often turn into a ghoul thirsting for blood than a vampberry because the victim didn’t get enough blood for a real transformation. It’s a failed vampberry in a sense, and that it is necessary to eliminate before he went on a rampage…
    -And can we know in advance if it will become a ghoul or a vampberry ?
    -No, we need to wait for the transformation, and in his case, it’s going to be soon, maybe in two days or three.
    -Well, we’ll just have to wait, then. I hope we shall not have to kill him. He’s still so young. Sighed Cobalt.
    -I hope so, my darling.

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