• G1 - Chapter 4

    The vampberry and Serena continued to see each other regularly and their friendship evolved rather fast in another feeling : love.
    Onyx finally moved in the young woman’s house.

    Coton became used to this new inhabitant of the house who also gave her dose of cuddles and games.
    Serena also pursued the writing of her book.
    A morning, Onyx décided to take his courage in two hands…

    -Darling ? Can you come, please ?

    -Is there a problem Onyx ? Asked the interested, by going into the living room.

    -No, everything’s fine, but I’ve something to ask you : do you want to marry me, my love ? Asked the vampberry which kneeled down and aimed a case in which shone a ring, in front of his partner.
    -Oh my Berry ! Yes, I do ! She answered, surprised and happy.

    They kissed each other.

    -I’ll present to you Grenat and Cobalt, my bests friends. They really helped me when I became a vampberry.

    -It will be with pleasure that I would get acquainted. Moreover, will you speak to me about that period when you became a vampberry, if that doesn’t bother you ? I’m curious.
    -Yes, after our wedding. Assured her fiancé.

    They then had a long discussion to finalize the ceremony.

    A few days later, Serena was finally ready for the wedding ceremony.
    It was going to be a private ceremony, who would be celebrated in the house’s garden.
    She have made the choice to not invite any of her acquaintance, because she feared their reaction if they saw Onyx.
    This one also invited nobody, but Grenat and Cobalt which were going to have an important role to play in that marriage.

    She went to the living room, were she saw her fiancé, he to ready for the ceremony, in a big discussion with a red berry. At his side was a berry with a dark blue skin.
    Both foreigners had put their most beautiful clothes for the marriage.

    -I hope you’ll tell her about what happened in the past. Made the unknown with the red skin.
    -Yes, of course, Grenat. I told her that I’ll talk about that period after the wedding.

    -Good. Because if they ever find you, they will not hesitate to attack she to take revenge. Asserted the blue berry.
    -I’ll protect her, don’t worry Cobalt.
    -I hope for you my friend, because you know how they are, it is not. Answered this one.
    -Yeah, I know it too well. Sighed the young vampberry.

    Onyx then noticed his fiancée who just had just joined them at the moment he finished his sentence.

    -Serena, you’re beautiful, my darling.
    -Thank you. You too, you’re very beautiful today, my love.
    -I present to you Grenat. It’s a witch, and it’s her who finalized the potion wich allow I and Cobalt to go out in the broad daylight without finishing in ashes. And him, it’s Cobalt, a vampberry like me.
    -Nice to meet you, Cobalt and Grenat. Answered the young woman.
    -Me too. Answered the red witch, shaking Serena’s hand.
    -I’m glad to meet you. Asserted the blue vampberry bleu who also shaked the hand of the young berry. Onyx talked a lot about you.
    -I don’t doubt about it. Answered the future bride. I talked about you two too, and I really wanted to get acquainted.
    -It’s Grenat who will unite us : she’ll use a spell who will protect us for a moment. That will make so that no supernatural creature can locate us. Announced Onyx.
    -Yes, but that spell will only work for about ten years. Warns the witch.
    -It will alerady be that of gained. Anwsered her the black berry
    -I see, it’s a good idea approved the white berry who had appreciated the idea during the discussion that she had with her fiancé about the ceremony. He had explained to her, without going to much in detail why it was better to make this, rather than a classical ceremony, telling her that that had something to do with enemies of his past from which he wanted to protected her from.
    -Everything’s ready, I thing we can into the garden, now.
    -Yes, let’s go. Made the black vampberry.

    And they went in the garden.

    The couple took place under the arc, Grenat facing them, Cobalt being next to her.

    -Well… for the spell to work, you’ll have to be really honnest and don’t hesitate, because that spell don’t work in presence of lie and hesitation. While answering my question, you will exchange your wedding rings. Are you ready ? Warned the red witch who held out her hands.
    -Yes. Answered in chorus future newlyweds.

    -Perfect. Serena, you’re sure of your choice ? You will not regret to live, age and die at the sides of a man who will never age and die ? With who you’ll have slow chances to found a family because vampberries are differents from humans ? As possible danger to which exposes you such a connection? Asked the red berry.
    -Yes, I’m sure. Asserted Serena while puting the ring at her fiancé’s finger.

    -And you Onyx ? Will you support to see you wife live, getting old and die, while you won’t ? Are you ready at the idea that you might never have children ? Will you be able to protect her from those that could attack you if they discovered you connection ?
    -Yes, I’m sure. Asserted Onyx too, who put the ring at his fiancée’s finger.
    -Very well, I declare you husband and wife. You can kiss each other. Ended the red berry.

    Some pinks and whites hearts appeared at the moment the couple exchanged the kiss.

    -Excellent, those hearts are the sign that the spell worked. Declared Grenat, satisfied.

    That’s how the ceremony ended, whereas the hearts disappeared.

    Grenat and Cobalt stayed for dinner.
    -Earlier, you seemed to have an important discussion, no ? Asked the young bride.
    -Yes, but seen that’s bound to what Onyx promised to tell you, I think that we shall not need talk about it ourselves. Is not it, Onyx ? Made Grenat.
    -Yeah, Yeah. I’ve promised, I told you, no ? Retorted the interested with a point of annoyance in the voice.
    -Onyx told me that most of the vampberries don’t like that one of them marry a mortal or a creature that isn’t a vampberry and that’s partly why he insisted so that we make this ritual. Is it true ? Wanted to know Serena
    -Yes, that’s true. Asserted Cobalt. The vampberries always try to separates couples formed by a vampberry and a non-vampberry. Sometime in a radical way…
    -Ah… Neverthless you and Grenat are togheter, no ? Is it not badly seen, a vamberry and a witch togheter ?
    -You can adress to me by our first name. As for your question, yes, it’s really badly seen, and we tried to kill us. Answered the witch.
    -Solely, when Grenat and I eliminated all those who took themselves to us, they dropped : we were too trong for them. Assured the vampberry.
    -Ah, okay… It’s true that vampberries are enough on horseback on the traditions … The white berry remembered itself.
    -Yeah. That’s it. Confirmed the blue vampberry. And it’s one of the reasons which make that vampberries evolves so slowly compared with the world even if some of them are as modern as me. At the same time, we have time for us…

    The dinner continued peacefully, then after having discussed a little more, Cobalt and Grenat returned at their home.

    From now on alones, the newlyweds went to their bedroom to spend their wedding night there.

    The next day, after the breakfast…

    -Serena, I’ve promised you to talk a bit more about my past, in particular about the period when I became a vampberry, right ?
    -Yes, that’s true.
    -Well, I’m going to speak about it to you now… At that time, I lived in Dragon Valley…

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