• G1 - Chapter 3

    A few days later, Onyx gave Serena a rendez-vous at a restaurant.
    The young woman, who had made herself pretty for the occasion, was waiting for him, sat at a table, and Onyx came.

    The young berry settled down at the table, in front of Serena.
    -How are you Serena ? You’re really pretty tonight.
    -I’m fine, thank you. Ah ? Thank Onyx. You are very elegant too.

    -You're welcome, and thanks for compliment. So, what would you like for the menu this evening ?
    -Well, there’s a lot of choice… It’s going to be sirloin steak. And you ?
    -Me… It’s going to be sirloin steak too, It look delicious.

    They so had dinner, while talking of this and that.
    -I liked this evening, it was pleasant.
    -Glad that you like it, I’ve appreciated it too. I take you back ?
    -It will be with pleasure. Answered the white berry.

    They then took the way to Serena’s home, but, after a while, she noticed that the vampberry was silent.
    -Something’s wrong Onyx ?
    -No, everything’s fine. Lied the young man.
    Watching him, she understood.
    -You’re thirsty, right ? Usual meal isn’t enough for those of your specie.
    -Yes, you’re right. Answered the vampberry, a bit shameful.

    Serena stretched out her wrist.
    -You can drink if you want.
    -Really ? Made Onyx, surprised.
    -If I tell it to you, it’s that you can. Retorted Serena.

    And he drank, quenching the thirst which tormented him.

    -Thanks, Serena. And sorry, I would have prefered to not have to take your blood, after the evening we had. Besides, I had made what was needed before coming to avoid this kind of thing…

    -It’s because you had not drunk enough blood, then. Joked the young lady.

    And they walked again.

    -You’re really a surprising woman, you know ?
    -Ah, you think ?
    -Yes, almost nobody would be ready to be next to a vampberry, and even less to give him some blood voluntarily. And you, it’s the opposite.
    -Ha ha. That’s true. Answered his interlocutor by smiling.

    They continued to discuss while walking and arrived to Serena’s house.

    -Voila, here we are, it’s my home.
    -Fine. Then I tell you good bye, Serena ?
    -Yeah, good bye, Onyx.

    They exchanged a kiss, and the vampberry left.

    The young woman went to her bedroom after she carressed Coton, who came by mewing, happy to see her master again.

    -Me too, I’m happy to see you again, cutie. Made Serena while the kitten purred of pleasure.

    In her bed, she didn’t fall asleep immediately, thinking of that evening and the different moment passed with Onyx, happy.
    began to dive into the sleep.

    -It was a good evening. She tought, falling asleep.

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