• G1 - Chapter 2

    Intrigued by the stranger, she approached him, and sat next to him.
    -It’s a beautiful day, isn’t ? She started.
    -Yes, it’s true, he answered smiling, revealing his sharp teeth.
    -Apparently, he’s a vampberry… Tought the young woman.

    -Ah, I’ve forgot, I’m Serena. And you ?
    -It’s a pretty name, I’m Onyx. Answered the black berry.
    -Thank you. Onyx ? It suit you well. But you’re a vampberry, no ? She asked, wanting to be sure of what she tought about him.

    -Thank. A vampberry, me ? You’re right, I’m one. And you’re not affraid of me ? Answered Onyx, a bit surprised that a mortal approached him without fear.
    -No, I’m not scared : I grew up at Moonlight Falls. That’s not surnaturals creatures who are missing here, even if  it’s true that some vampberrys and werewolfs were not kinds.
    But I tought that those of your species couldn’t support the daylight ?
    -Ah, ok. That’s the case. But a person I know helped me so that I’m able to walk the day again.
    -Ah, that’s great then. Say Serena.
    -Yeah. Well, I must go, now.
    -If you want, we can see each other again, Serena.
    -It’s going to be with pleasure, Onyx. And you can be on first-name terms with me if you want.
    -Ok. You too can be on first name terms with me, then.
    -Alright. Answered the young berry, smiling.

    The vampberry smiled in his turn and left.

    Serena returned to her home.
    She took Coton in her hand, who had come to welcome her as usual.
    -You know my cutie, I’ve meet somebody really interesting.
    The small cat answered her by mewing.
    -Oops, You have reason Coton, I have some work which waits for me.
    She rested the kitten on the ground and she got down to write the continuation of her book, again inspired.

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