• G1 - Chapter 10

    After, I’ve traveled, sometime alone, sometime with Grenat and Cobalt. And now, I’m stronger, I think I’ve a chance if I see Durian, Indigo and Orgeat. Voila, You know everything… Completed Onyx.

    Serena was touched by her husband’story, and she hugged him.
    -My poor darling… I don’t know what to tell you, it’s really hideous what you lived because of that vampberry…

    -It’s true. But now, I have you, my love. And I also have Cobalt and Grenat, they’re really friends that we see rarely nowadays. They really helped me when I needed them.
    -You’re right, I’ve noticed it when you presented me to them. But you don’t know where are your three enemies ?
    -From what I know, they’re abroad for now.

    -Why won’t you go at their encounter now to take revenge ?
    -Because i twill be hard to find them, and if they expect to see me, they could set up a trap and I would risk to be caught. At one against three would be unbalanced… And I still don’t feel confident. I prefer to wait the right time…
    -You’re right, it’s better to wait to be ready.
    -It remind me, you had told me that you’ve lived in Bridgeport for a moment, no ?

    -Yes, I had tried the luck as an actress for two years, I didn’t like it, then I’ve moved her to be a writer. You know the rest.

    -Yes, and I love it. Asserted Onyx.
    -Me too my darling.

    And this long conversation ended with a kiss.

    A few months later, Serena achieved her novel she was working on for while and offered it to publishers.
    This first book went very well, and she was soon working on another story.

    Four years passed… It was the time it took for Onyx and Serena to have their first child.
    Grenat had not lied when saying they would have difficulty in starting a family.

    Coton had grow up and wasn’t a kitten anymore.

    The nine months passed both quickly and slowly. Onyx was already gaga about the future child.
    It was a son that was born. His parents called him Thunder Night.
    Like his mother, he was born human.

    The baby became a toddler and his parents taught him to go to potty, talk and walk.

    He loved the stories he’s father read to him and his mother’s tickles.

    It was at in period the couple had another child.

    Onyx was still gaga when his wife was expecting their second child.
    Serena gave birth to a little girl they called Moon Shadow.

    The little one, unlike Thunder, was born vampberry, and that’s seen especially from the moment she became a toddler.

    Her parents taught her to go to potty, to talk and walk.

    Like her brother at the time, she loved the stories and tickling.

    Thunder also grew up.

    He was a sweet child who had inherited from his mother a taste for painting, because in addition to be a writer, she occasionally painted canvas for fun.

    He also liked to play with his little sister.

    -I’m really happy, my darling.
    -Me too, my love.

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