• G1 - Chapter 1

    -Ouf ! Everything’s finally in order. Moving, It’s tiring. Sighed a young berry by collapsing on the sofa.Her skin was pale, almost white. Her hair and clothes where white, while her eyes were a light grey.
    -Now that’s settled for the appart, I think I’ll rest for today, and tomorrow, I would go to stroll to discover a bit the town. Tought the young woman.

    Because it was late and she was tired, she went to bed after a fast diner.

    The next day, after a good breakfast, the young lady left to walk, like she have decided the day before.
    A few day passed while she discovered little by little the town.-It’s really calmer than Bridhedport, here. She tought, while walking.

    One day, finding that her house was missing a bit of life, and loving cats, she decided to adopt a kitten.It was a lovely furball pink with white stripes she adopted in a shelter.The kitten was a female she called Coton.
    She also have bought everything needed to take care of the kitten : litter, meal, toys and others accessories necessary for a cat.

    The young berry spent a lot of time to play with the little cat, who was playful and cuddly.
    But it didn’t stop her from working at her first novel.

    Sometime later, she’s strolled to the park by a bright day to find the inspiration.Then, she saw, sat on a bench, a young berry with a black skin, his eyes had a superrnatural glow.

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    Lundi 15 Septembre 2014 à 19:36

    Tu postes en anglais ? C'est génial:!!!

    Mardi 16 Septembre 2014 à 08:49

    Hé oui, car je me disais que ça pourrait intéresser les lecteurs anglais ^^

    C'est aussi un petit défi pour m'améliorer en anglais wink2

    Contente que tu trouves ça génial ^^

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